I’m really interested in the love and hate of colour within art and the uses of colour to communicate and express ideas. Iv’e used colour a lot over the last year or so and i’m interested in exploring other artists ideas on how important or unimportant colour is to them. It is known that in modern art, colour seems to be stripped back to basic primary colours if any colour as all, blacks whites and greys are mostly used alongside shape and form.

David Batchelor’s Chromophobia, discusses ideas on how colour is seen as a decent from the clean monochrome, into the feminine, oriental, seductive, and other such imperfect and adulterated forms of art. When sitting down to draw a landscape an artist would sit and sketch out the composition first with a fair amount of detail in a grey or a black. One could argue that you can understand the composition of the drawing already, that the the depth and light and shade can already be seen in the sketch and that the colour only adds ‘charm’ to the composition. I want to see how contemporary artists are challenging the idea that form is a primary quality in front of the secondary quality of colour. Is it possible to create something where colour is the primary, and form the secondary?


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