My name is Eloise Barratt and I am a BA(Hons) Fine Art student currently studying my 3rd year at Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cardiff School of Art and Design. My main interests are colour theory and abstraction within painting and light installation.

In my work I aim to explore ideas surrounding colour and how in the west, colour is often viewed as a secondary quality under the primary quality of form. These ideas came to light when discovering contemporary artist David Batchelor and his book ‘Chromophobia’ highlighting attitudes towards colour in the west. Its is common for artworks to contain colour yes, however it is not so common for the artworks to be about colour. Colour is regarded as alien and therefore dangerous, often referred to as some sort of foreign body such as the infantile, the primitive, the kitsch, the feminine, the queer, the oriental and the pathological. Colour is seen as a fall from grace, similar to a fall or relapse into drug addiction where a psychedelic world takes over. Secondly, colour is regarded as a secondary quality of experience, and therefore unworthy for serious consideration as it has been relegated to the lowest level of the world’s hierarchy.

My work aims to bring colour out of the dangerous and the trivial, hopefully rendering colour within the realms of the sophisticated and the establishment which it is not currently considered. Using sophisticated scientific understanding of how the eye sees colour and experimenting with theories like colour constancy and colours in contrast, we can create colours in the eye that are not necessarily true to reality.

I use both ready-made and mixed colours within my artwork alongside coloured light to create an interactive experience of colour.


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