Amalia Pica

Amalia Pica is a Latin American artist who uses overlapping circles of coloured light. Different to my work hers refers to her childhood in 1970s Argentina. During this time the country’s military forbade the concept of intersection (where elements of B also belong to elements of A), from being taught in elementary classes, concerned that its mathematical representation might ultimately prompt the public to conspire against it. In her work she invites the audience to manipulate the translucent shapes, producing new outcomes. The piece uses abstraction and intersection as an invitation to re-imagine ideas concerning collaboration and community.

The use of colour is similar to my work. I’m interested in looking at  how two fields of light interact with each other and what happens to the colours in the space where they mix. There is an element of uncertainty as to what is going to happen when there are may colours that could possibly be layered or combined. This is another example of how complex colour theory and colour mixing can be. An endless array of colours that are possible to be explored.


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