Phenomenology of Experience.

In my second year phenomenal experience and the relationship between the physical reality of the world and our conscious understanding of it has been paramount within my painting development. As a painter I want to explore ideas involving visual experience and how our perception of the world around us can have a physical effect on our bodies. Understanding how the mind works when stimulated by what is around us, and how visual experience in particular stimulates conscious thought, emotions, memories and ideas has been a modern revelation within the complex world of neurology. When looking into the biological basis of how conscious thought arises, there is still no close answer to understanding what it is initially like to experience something first hand exactly the way you see it. This is the idea of Quaila – “what it feels like” to experience something. Our vivid experience of the world is the only information we have to understand reality, and it can be overwhelming at times, similar to that in the early development within babies. The babe’s senses are inundated with visual information, light and movement that has no structure or form to it, where there is little to no understanding of what any of this means. To be able to strip back visual experience to this overwhelming lack of structure and understanding, and to really immerse the viewer within a positive overwhelming experience of pure experience is my goal. Hopefully my Final Project pieces for my second year assessment convey these ideas on experience, and I am looking forward to exploring these ideas more so in my third and final year practices.