Abacus Substance Exhibition. 12th – 19th December 2014

Last December a number of fellow fine art students and I came together and created an exhibition in the centre of Cardiff. We held the exhibition at a new arts venue called The Abacus which was the bus ticket office before it was converted into a gallery space. As it was once an old ticket office the layout isn’t your conventional “gallery” type layout, lots of corners and nooks and crannies, not to mention a bank vault to get our head around but we managed it and it was a huge success!

Here is a development of the work I submitted as part of the exhibition. As the name of the exhibition was Substance I decided to explore with the idea of what the world is made of what is our physical substance actually made of? We are all aware of elements such as oxygen and carbon, something we would have picked up in GCSE science is that these elements are the building blocks of all things we have yet found. We as human beings share the same type of molecular structure within animals, rocks, plants and even stars billions of light-years away. Despite being uniquely different from each other the whole of the human race and everything we know is made up of just 118 different elements. Now the reason for using dots is to show how one basic shape in 3 different colours can create one unique outcome. Although the materials are limited there can be an infinite amount of outcomes. So despite us all being made of the same “stuff” we can still say we unique and different from the stars and everything around us.

I was very happy with the end results of my work and feel it went well with the different variety of work produced by everyone else. All in all it was a success! Bring on the next one!

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