Here are two of the boxes originally made as shelves to house smaller objects similar to the small prototype in the videos and pictures beforehand. However after playing around with a few light compositions I enjoyed the simplicity of the boxes alongside the bare coloured bulbs.

I took the two boxes down to the 1st floor stair area where the angles of the architecture under the stairs compliment the angles and lines created by the shadows of the edges of the box. I also wanted to see how the objects would look in a semi lit area. It is not totally dark in the stair case but this allows me to play around with possible lighting levels also.

By changing the bulbs around it allows me to see which colours work better with others. the strongest colour is blue with red after green after that and yellow last. The Yellow bulb is more of an orange yellow and doesn’t give as strong a colour as the other three. Also using only the three bulbs red green and blue would make sense due to the primary RGB colour spectrum of light.

The more I look at composition and trialling compositions and ideas out the simpler the ideas and results become.

Another thing I noticed and hoped would happen from the start is that the shadows created by the light tend to be the complementary colour of the original. So from RGB we get CYM Cyan Yellow and Magenta. Going back to my previous point about simplicity, a minimal structure showing this simple effect could show it better than placing objects inside the shelves themselves. Especially if I’m also mentioning and relating my work to colour becoming the primary function over form and the idea that colour is contained by forms. Here colour spills out on to its surroundings giving an interactive platform.

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