Tutorial Advice with James Green.

After making two of my boxes and painting them white ready to start making objects to be positioned inside I had a group tutorial with James. This changed my idea rather dramatically but still allowed me to use the boxes I had already made.

After discussing with the group my original ideas to create a sculpture within the shelf and then engineer the light to add colour to the objects, it came to light that that working on a bigger scale may actually be easier than small scale, and more interesting.

Others mentioned that before I decided to work small I was in fact working with a larger scale and why I decided to down scale. In my first gap crit I utilised the whole room and flooded it with light with minimal objects but rather large in comparison to the smaller objects that I have recently been using. In my second gap crit I also utilised a found object which I refer to as the O. Previously I have played around with the lighting of the O in the dark space looking at the coloured shadows that the light produces on the walls and shapes behind it. I think I downsized partly because of cost to make large shapes as well as the cost to light them. The larger the object the more LEDs needed to create desired effect. I also though that space may be an issue with many people asking for dark spaces.

However from feedback from the group and guidance from James I was encouraged to be more extravagant with my final project. In stead of having two shelves with sculptures inside them, why couldn’t the shelves or the shapes become the sculptures themselves?

So I have decided to make another 2 boxes to make a total of four and light them in a way tha would allow the light to spill out in to the room like my previous Gap Crits.


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