The Grey Oval 2. 2nd Gap Crit

This was the set up for my second Gap Crit. I utilised the grey oval again alongside my small shelf prototype. I was very pleased with both. I showed both to gauge how successful each piece is.

The smaller piece changes colour gradually from green to pink. The change in the coloured light is almost so gradual you do not notice the change until it blinks back to green from red. The Oval is a static colour in that it does not change however it does reflect. Although using two optical ‘tricks’ one in each, I have started to think about possibly combining the two within one piece of work. I’m interested in how the changing light interacts with the shape inside the box and how the light interacts with its surroundings.

An interesting comment made on the oval is how the light surrounding the O looks pink in comparison to the light from the centre. The light is in fact a white light but looks pink/red in comparison to the blue grey of the O. Another comment is how the centre looks as though it is a void. It has infinite space. You can see the corner of the room from above the O moving down behind it yet through the centre the corner is lost thus creating a confused sense of depth.

Points I should note for future development:

1 – How changing light interacts with objects

2 – How this light and static light interacts with the surrounding space

3 – How light interacts with colour pigment in contrast

4 –  Think about optical strategies such as reflection

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