Making the box.

After trying out some possible ideas in both a small staged box and on a plinth I thought the composition worked bes within the box setting. I came to this conclusion as it means I can stage the scenario within the box thus creating a more controlled environment for me to create the best results with the light. This also allows me to easily hide wires from the lights and any imperfections that the objects may have picked up in the making of. Only having one viewpoint allows for more control and ease of making.

So from the small found shelf that I used as a trial composition I then needed to make something similar but up scale it. I wanted the structure to sit on the wall like a box shelf at head height so needed to strong enough to hold the weight of the box and the fixtures, lights and objects that would be inside. I also had to take into consideration that I need space to hide wires and enough room to make fixtures without damaging the box also.

This is what I designed and created. Using 12mm MDF I essentially made two boxes which after made one would sit inside the other leaving a 6cm boarder from the outside edge to the inside edge. Between the two shells as I started to call them I placed supporting pillars of MDF to give the box both strength and to wedge the boxes into the right position ready for the front panels to be placed on.

This design created a hollow frame for me to be able to hide wires and allow me to place on the wall easily. The space between the shelves both at the top and the bottom would be slotted on to brackets already placed on the wall. The shelf would sit on these at two points securely.


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