Colour box video.

As part of my documentation throughout the years I have taken a few Videos that have allowed me to show the optical illusions I am interested in. I find that the work I did last year supports the work I do this year very much, however the materials I use has changed dramatically.

I originally worked with oil paint creating colour fades from one colour to another and then on to the next and so on. Video 1 and video 2 are an experiment starting from the centre of the painting then moving outward. The effect of starting with one colour within the field of view and then moving outward introducing other colours surrounding effects the original image dramatically. This optical effect is something that has inspired me through out this year and considered within my most recent light experiments.

Please click video to see in real time how the colour changes within prototype.

Please click video to see time lapse of colour light changing in prototype.

The above two videos are an example of a prototype made with an infinity backing. The curved back gives the illusion of space, the lack of corners gives no reference point allowing to judge sense of depth.

Please click video to see how light in motion reacts with objects.

Please click video to see how light in motion reacts with objects focusing on colour of shadow.

Please click video to see a possible idea for a hanging sculpture.

In the last couple of videos I start to look at how the shapes of the objects create shadows. Its interesting that when using a red light the shadows and the low lights tend to look almost green in colour. This is another interesting optical effect which could be considered for final piece ideas.

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