Pictures of nothing.

This book Pictures of nothing, Abstract Art since Pollock by Kirk Varnedoe is a great insight in to minimalist and abstract artworks. The book proposes questions such as “what is abstract art good for?” questioning what its use is for individuals and for society as a whole. When a lot of minimalist and abstract looks as though its about or of nothing… often just a white canvas or cube, they do not show anything other than themselves.

This elates to my work as I’m particularly interested in how light represents the illusions of light. I’m not interested in it conveying any other message that what it is. I feel that this is important to people and society as it allows people to appreciate the simplicity of things and allows for time to slow down.

I personally enjoy the more minimalist pieces of artwork as they are not trying to allude to anything of the world they merely exist as they are. The white canvas represents a white canvas.



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