Light Box

I’ve been looking at ways in which I can display my work. Previously I’ve set up scenarios on top of plinths which have looked great but don’t give a sense of depth as there is no background other than the top of the plinth itself. I found this small shelf in the studio and spruced it up as a trial display system.

Using the models I have previously made I’ve placed them upon the shelf which now has a silver metallic base and a light green curved background. At this point I do not have colour changing LEDs installed however I do have different coloured bulbs that I have been able to interchange within the framework which gives some desirable effects.

Although looking good with a static light I feel that the subtle changing of light will achieve the aims I set out for myself. The changing of the light will allow me to change the structure and colours of the objects without changing the objects themselves. Augmenting the reality of the space inside the setup.



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