Work space.

I rearranged my workspace this weekend and tidied it up to make space for some of the small models I’ll be making thins week in preparation for my gap crit on Thursday. Previously I have played around with lighting but only in a dark room or space like in my previous gap crit. When rearranging my space I decided to light a few of the forms I have collected and made within my space as it stands in the bright studio space. 

The effect isn’t quite so dramatic at the effect you see when in a dark space but I deffinately think it is something to consider. As the studio lights are on a timer/motion sensor the lights turn off after a while and the difference between the colours of the shapes dramatically change. You wouldn’t think that the objects are infact the same from the first to the second. 

This links to ideas on colour discovered and put forward by Cevreul (More info). Simultaneous colour contrast, hue and luminosity.



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