Ready Made Colours

After visiting the up cycling centre Re-Create in Cardiff, I had my hands on many ready made coloured materials to start experimenting with. Card, plastics and gels are the materials I picked up. As a preliminary idea I started by just putting up large sheets of the coloured transparent gels. The colours were more vibrant than what they initially looked like on the roll as they were placed in front of a white background and illuminated by the studio lights. After hanging a large strip of yellow, magenta and blue each slightly overlapping each other I then started to place the coloured cards behind and on top of each of the gels. Some of the coloured cards were matt in finish but others were also metallic which gave a reflective quality behind the gels. Playing around with different combinations and the different effects each gel made on each of the coloured cards created some interesting results. The yellow gel being the less opaque or strong colour of the three did not completely over power any colour that was placed behind, however it did make the most dramatic difference in colour. When placing a metallic red sheet behind the gel the most luminous orange came about. However for the blue gel what ever you put behind it, it would just make it a slightly darker blue of the gel, with not much variation of colour when layering.

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