Optical illustions and op art.

The human eye is very complex and has ways in which it adapts to it’s surroundings. Our eye is always colour correcting and changing to the environment we are in. When walking from inside in natural light to outside natural light we know that the two light sources are different and vary in intensity. However it doesn’t look this way as we move from one to the other. This is because our eye is constantly correcting the light balance in our eye so that the colours are constant.

The illusions below demonstrate how the eye projects colour onto the world, sees the same colours differently and adjusts what we see you make sense of the world.

I’m interested in the first illusion. The left is a copy of the original colour photograph but inverted. If you stare and the dot in the centre of the image for 30-40 seconds the look at the centre of the black and white image, the original colour photograph should appear. When looking at the coloured image, over the 30/40 seconds the eye or brain tries to normalise the colours by projecting its complementary colour on to the image. Now this is very subtle and wouldn’t notice it until you move your eyes across to the black and white image where there is no inverted colour. Here the black and white image looks to be in full correct colour.

I would like to explore with this colour correction idea within my own work. However im not sure how to go about it as of yet.



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