James Turrell

In many of Turrells pieces of work he managed to abstract colour and create a totally submersive environment of colour. With coloured light he can give the illusion that a square room has no corners and expands on forever, shapes manage to float suspended in space and collages the sky into a abstract surreal scene.

His early work is mainly creating an environment that seems to go on for ever. Rooms have no corners or edges. Doorways look like giant blocks of colour that seem to be suspended in space like a portal into another realm of visual experience. Unfortunately I have not had the pleasure of experiencing the work of Turrell but know of a piece in the Yorkshire sculpture garden that I plan to visit. The piece there is more like a viewing chamber for the sky. You gaze up with the sky perfectly framed within a white washed frame.

Turrell focuses main on the phenomenon of visual experience, the artwork is created in order for the eye to experience the phenomenon of color and for the viewer to be submerged in it.


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