Gap Crit.

In my gap crit I got some really good feedback. People seemed to enjoy the work I’ve created so far and been impressed with the jump from  working with pigment originally and now working with light ant illusion.

The Crit has definitely helped me solidify some ideas about how to use lighting within my work. I was unsure whether the jump from using pigment to light itself would work so well as it is a fairly new experience for me. However I feel that the best way to show the tricks and illusions of light is to use light itself, this creates a type of paradox within my work that hadn’t previously existed before.

The simplicity of the shapes were enjoyed also, as they were not too distracting or over complicated. The shapes were both natural and geometric allowing for the viewer to be familiar with them and become less confused abut what they were looking at. Many said that the lighting enhanced the hung piece on the wall in a way that the 2D piece looked 3D when lit in the way presented. This Was successful at that was my intention to create an illusion of depth when there isnt any.

In order for me to improve on working with light someone suggested that learning how to code with Paul Granjohn in one of his workshops would be something to look into. This would mean that I could gradually add colour into the piece over an extended period of time and have more control of how the light interacts with each other. Like the saturated inverted colour illusion in my previous post I wonder if when the colour has been intensified but then removed we would then see the opposite colours.

I aim to experiment more with light illusion and optics.



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