Lets do this!

So today I had my feedback from my second year. All in all I’m not entirely happy about it but Its what I need to give me that truly deserved kick up the arse to complete 3rd year with flying colours!!!

I’m starting with one of the things I need to mostly improve on, and that is my communication and documentation of my thoughts and ideas! So here I am no more than 2 hours after my assessment blogging my thoughts and ideas on what I need to improve upon and what I aim to do with my work in the future! However I do think a part of me just wanted this year to be over so I could start a fresh and really put all my effort into this 3rd and final year. I want to enjoy it and have fun. I was told I need to change my attitude towards work, because quite honestly I’m sloppy and lazy and I know I can do so much better than what I’m doing at the moment. This final year counts, I’ve dossed for the last 2 years and I’ve faffed around way too much to not take this next year seriously.

Lets do this!


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